Fill the Room with Your Target Audience

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Article by: Norine Wiebmer
Owner and Networking Specialist, Business Development and Networking Expert, Author

Step One: Defining your target audience

Have you held an event and met several wonderful people but your target market was not in the room?

Yes, I believe that everyone is valuable and each person could introduce you to potential connections. But let’s face it, sales would be more cost effective and less time consuming if you could shorten the prospecting process.

Event planners, if you would like to increase attendance and assure consistent participation at networking functions, my team and strategic partners recommend knowing the target audience of your organization and your guests.

If you don’t know who you want your guests to be, you are really just shooting in the dark. But when you clearly identify who you want to engage through your event, you can plan a stronger event that is more likely to attract your desired audience. What information does your audience want? What price point will resonate with your target audience? What time of day will be most desirable? What type of information do those people seek? What type of entertainment does your target audience prefer? Melissa Lagowski Owner of Big Buzz Idea Group

A disappointed guest will never return and they certainly will not join your organization.

Has the board of directors for your organization defined their target market? Who would they like to have as their future attendees or members? These are significant questions needed to direct your branding, messaging and platform for your marketing strategy. The answer to these questions will give both you and the organization a more focused strategy.

If your Board of Directors cannot answer this question, they should meet for a strategic branding session to review their mission and vision statements which should identify the group’s purpose and who they would like to work with. Every function or activity must support these statements.

Once your organization has identified their target audience, the rest is easy. Make sure that your target audience is announced loud and clear within your invitations. Use platforms, social and personal networking, cross marketing and word-of-mouth marketing that resonates “who” you would like to attract. I cannot emphasize enough that the invitation should spell out the mission and who will be attending. You’ll be surprised at how your numbers will increase and how rapidly your invitations will be passed along to the identify target market.

“You want you make sure that the audience attending any show is, at least, the right audience,” says Cass Phillipps, an event producer who has worked on dozens of San Francisco Bay Area start-up events.

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Are you having a difficult time locating your target audience? Please respond below and we will help circulate your needs. That is how networking works!

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