5-Steps To Improve Your Holiday Business

Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. 5-Step Holiday Strategy to improve business
It’s very important to know your audience.
Is your customer online, offline or some combination of both?

Create holiday focused e-mails but don’t forget to include a call to action. A call to action can be a register to win campaign or forward to a friend.
A postcard or rack card can accomplish similar results. Ex: Come into the store to register or register online.
Offer deals or entice existing and potential clients to shop with you.
Printing works great for offering deals but also consider hosting an event to attract clients.
Limited-time offers Placing time frames on specials provokes more immediate action.
Place time limits on print offers
Be social with social media but decide what’s more important during the holiday season—Likes or Shares?
Clients that don’t relate to social media may relate to a “bring a friend” and receive something special campaign.
Formally thank your customers or send a holiday greeting via e-mail.
Send a holiday greeting or thank you.

Pick 2 to 5 of these methods, set goals and let us help you improve your business. Contact: Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. (312) 379-9828

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