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3 STEPS “Within Your Budget”

Peace & Harmony Solutions’ 3–Steps to Building a Stronger Online Strategy is one methodology we use to enhance our clients' businesses. Our 3–Steps to Building a Stronger Online Strategy is designed to help small businesses focus on transitioning their online brochure style web presence to a very fluid online campaign, engaging new and existing clients.

We have a “Within Your Budget” approach where our clients transition money traditionally designated to offline marketing campaigns such as print, to online campaigns to expand their company’s visibility.

The 3–Steps consist of, 1) Update or redesign of existing website, 2) Social Media development or expansion, 3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We collaborate with your company. We not only provide SEO plus other customized solutions, we provide people resources where appropriate, regular follow ups and effective knowledge transfer to existing staff ensuring the necessary upkeep of the implemented programs, etc. We understand the struggles with small businesses, nonprofits and schools.

Our clients are satisfied with their marketing investment—there is no economy where buyer’s remorse is ever an option. Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. is the total, dynamic package of marketing creative services.

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SEO and Social Media
is not an event but
a process —

Social media has a profound impact on search engines. We teach you to have a social media presence. Facebook and the impact of other social media are largely misunderstood by many businesses. Understandably so, the name social by nature is misleading in business. However, developing a social media foundation can be one of the most beneficial methods to remain relevant and engage with your businesses current audience while attracting new customers.

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The Paradigm of business is always —

changing more rapidly than any of us would like it to. We have a team of professionals that can hit the ground running. To articulate what we do is best described by asking you a few questions. How you respond will determine if you need our services. 1) Are you looking to define your value, develop a value proposition, articulate that value among staff, broadcast it to your current and future clients? 2) Is social media confusing or are you trying to get a grip on how it fits your particular business paradigm? Learn more...